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زوم iQ5 یک میکروفن کندانسور استریو با کیفیت بالا میباشد.این میکروفن برای آی فون،آی پد و آی پاد طراحی شده است.

بااین میکروفن میتوانید گوشی آیفون خود را به یک ریکوردر حرفه ای تبدیل کنید.

از ویژ گیهای این میکروفن میتوان به این موارد اشاره کرد:

  • کنترل لول صدا به صورت دستی و اتوماتیک
  • قرار گیری میکروفن در دو حالت افقی و عمودی
  • تغییر زاویه میکروفن
  • اپلیکیشن ویژه با امکانات فراوان از جمله افکتهای مختلف
  • دارای خروجی هدفون
  • ضبط صدا با فرمتهای مختلف
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 Versatility For Audio And Video

The iQ5 employs a unique rotating mechanism that enables audio recording with correct left-right stereo orientation whether used vertically or horizontally. Use it in standard “audio” position or simply rotate it to the “video” position in order to record video with the attached iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch held horizontally.

Mid-Side Stereo Made Easy

Mid-side recording makes it easy for anyone to record in realistic (and fully mono-compatible) stereo. The iQ5 contains two microphone elements: a directional “mid” mic that captures audio coming from in front, and a bidirectional “side” mic that covers ambient signal.

Stereo width can be customized to the precise recording situation: Set it to 90° to hone in on an individual sound, or 120° for a wider image that includes the surrounding ambience and reverberation. For even more control, record the mid and side mic signals as raw MS data so that you can later adjust the stereo width from 30° to 150° with Zoom’s free Handy Recorder iOS app

Control + Monitor

Precision gain control

The iQ5 makes it easy to capture great sound no matter what type of material you’re recording. Dial in the exact input level you need with the analog-type MIC GAIN wheel, choose Auto Gain to automatically set the perfect recording level, or use the Limiter setting to avoid overloads.

Headphone monitoring

The iQ5’s dedicated headphone jack enables direct monitoring during both recording and playback.

The Zoom Handy Recorder App

Zoom’s free Handy Recorder app is specially designed for use with the iQ5. Simply download it from the App Store and install it on your iOS devices. The Handy Recorder app allows you to record in linear PCM (WAV) 16-bit/44.1kHz format for CD-quality audio that accurately captures the full subtlety of acoustic instruments and spaces. When you need to conserve storage space for long recordings, you can instead record in compressed AAC format for smaller file sizes and faster data transfer.

Effects to shape the sound

The Handy Recorder effects presets enable you to easily shape and control your sound. Add reverb for extra richness, or dynamics processing to give performances more punch. Six-band EQ enables full tonal control, and there’s also a normalization feature that allows you to increase the volume of your recordings to the maximum possible level.

File division

With the DIVIDE function, you can separate files into their important components. By deleting unnecessary sections, you can increase the amount of open space on your iOS device and extend the available recording time.


Automatic recording

The Handy Recorder’s automatic recording function can be used to start and stop recording when a preset level is reached—convenient when recording meetings or speeches and in other situations when you want to capture sound only when it rises above a certain level.

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